Simon Ellin ( CEO The Recycling Association); Phil Wylie ( HSM National Accounts Manager)

The Recycling Association; HSM

Quality Recycling in a Changing Global Marketplace

About Simon Ellin ( CEO The Recycling Association); Phil Wylie ( HSM National Accounts Manager)

Simon Ellin is CEO of the Recycling Association. The Recycling Association represent 90 plus members from across the recycling industry, and are passionate supporters of quality recycling. Simon is a high-profile industry and media figure and has fronted the association in their Quality First campaign. Simon is a passionate supporter of supply chain partnership supported by strong government legislation and regulation and is an outspoken campaigner for designing for recyclability.

Phil Wylie ( HSM National Accounts Manager) has 30 years industry experience working in the waste management sector currently supporting "High Profile" National Key Account Business at HSM.
A global pioneer of environmental technology, HSM offer market leading innovative solutions for waste management requirements. With products ‘Made in Germany’ leading lines include, the HSM V-Press baler manufactured in from its Germany sites.
Focusing on shredding, baling and waste compressing machinery, HSM produces a range of solutions for businesses, large-scale commercial operations and other institutions, with products sold in over 100 countries.

An exploration of how the whole supply chain can partner to create a fully circular economy. In a changing global marketplace, it is critical that the industry works together to produce and present a quality baled commodity. This starts at the design stage and ends at the processing stage. Maximum permitted transportation weights coupled with safe presentation is key to acceptance where every bale is now scrutinised for quality and safety.

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