Sharon Lashley

Enviro UK Consultants Ltd

Plastic Waste and the Changing Climate

About Sharon Lashley

Sharon Lashley is the Owner and MD of Enviro UK Consultants Ltd, an environmental consultancy offering support to businesses, communities and local authorities in Waste Management, Sustainability and Renewable Energy. Sharon is a registered CIWM trainer and training centre, actively delivering the “Waste Smart” training course throughout the North East, Scotland and UK wide. Sharon is also Managing Director of a community interest company Climate Action North East set up to support businesses, communities and schools to deliver action on Climate Change. Climate Action North East delivers projects in Schools and their Initiative “Green Heart” is being introduced to schools across the North East. Sharon is an experienced environmentalist of over 20 years and is also NE Chair of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) as well as being a Beachwatch Organiser for the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) organising CSR
litter picks for businesses, schools and communities.

Plastic Pollution and in particular Single Use Plastic products are the hot topic of the moment. Ocean plastic pollution has now reached global emergency and is everywhere from the Arctic Ocean to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Find out how businesses and consumers are reducing their reliance on disposable plastic, campaigning for change, adapting to new innovations and making local changes for a global difference in a changing climate.

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