Dane McSpedon

Wilson Bio-Chemical

Biomass from waste to fuel industrial scale energy facilities.

About Dane McSpedon

Dane McSpedon is the CEO of Hughes Energy Group, a sister company of Wilson Bio-Chemical Ltd of York, UK. McSpedon has a longstanding background in the technology industry, beginning his career at companies like IBM and Honeywell Inc. McSpedon has conducted sales and distribution programs in over 74 countries over the past 20 years. His goal is to grow the energy from waste business into a mainstream renewable fuel industry.

Discuss the use of biomass from waste to fuel biomass or coal-fired power stations and other industrial scale energy plants. With advances in the conversion of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste into a high energy content biofuel, it is now possible to power energy plants at an industrial scale. How does this fuel compare and contrast with current renewable and hydrocarbon based fuel sources.

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