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12 & 13 SEPT


Zero Waste Europe

Since 2011 European Zero Waste groups have been collaborating on a voluntary basis organising events, and building off of the work done by the European members of the GAIA network.

We have been hold annual meetings for these local, regional and national groups to come together to strategize and plan for a zero waste future, since Brussels in 2011. Since then we have met in Gipuzkoa in 2012, the European Parliament in 2013, Paris in early 2014, Sofia in 2015, Ljubljana in 2016 and Madrid in 2017.

Our work was informal until December 2013 when we formally registered as a foundation in the Netherlands. 2014 marked our first year of official operations. This leap forwards was the result of many years spent building the foundations of the movement, with the support of members from the network, the contributions of our first donors and Board as well as everyone who has supported the zero waste community in Europe. We are now registered on the Transparency Register, where you can find an audited version of our accounts.

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