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Landfill leachate, waste-derived effluents, industrial effluents with re-use up to Zero Liquid Discharge: with TOP marks in ISO9000 customer feedback, WEHRLE is the pioneer and technology pace-maker for advanced wastewater treatment plants. Individually tailored to the task, since 30 years and today WEHRLE wastewater treatment plants stand for little foot-print, low operation costs with small easy-to-outsource operation teams and a modular design that is open for future changes in wastewater composition, flow rate and discharge quality, e.g. upgrade to water re-use.

Gathering the experience of over 300 treatment plants worldwide in a range of different applications of wastewater treatment, the WEHRLE team can also support clients with consulting for treatment concepts, plant benchmarking, efficiency analysis & optimization, upgrades & modifications and full plant operation.

Tel: 0044 1295 724 517

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