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EPC Contractor, leader in construction of traditional, renewables and WtE power plants.
Founded in 1981, STC POWER has grown as EPC Contractor gaining a considerable position in the power production sector.

Today we have circa 100 employees and a reference list of more than 150 clients.
In our 37 years of history we have designed, built and commissioned more than 170 plants with an overall installed capacity of approx. 1,800 MW.

STC POWER strength lies not only in a real know - how, that means authentic competence both during design and realization of the power plants, but also and above all in knowing - why, that is the capacity of identify clients` actual needs and propose the optimal and winning solution.

STC POWER mission is to establish itself in the worldwide market, to be acknowledged for its capacity of supporting the Client in order to obtain the best result possible, to be recognized for its company culture and its soft-skills.

STC POWER relies on a stable family-based shareholding and with Sterling & Wilson, as majority partner, are both committed to the company development all around the world.

Tel: +390543411411

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