Complete control of your assets.

StalkIT is a simple to use tracking service, with a tracking device, an app to use on your smartphone, and a portal to see your active devices in a map. We also offer an open API so you can integrate with your existing systems.

StalkIT track and trace device
- Up to 20 years battery life
- GNSS for accurate positioning
- Robust industrial design; waterproof and impact resistance
- 5-7 times better coverage with Narrowband IoT
- Possibility for indoor tracking

The best track and trace app on the marked
- Track and trace app used on your smartphone, no extra devices needed
- App showing your devices position
- Activate and identify
- Show real time and historic

Web portal for optimizing inventory management processes.
- Map with multiple layers
- View: Live/historic
- List of all devices, sorted at your preference
- Administration of devices and users
- Configuration and adjustments of sensors, overview of all sensor information with archive functionality

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Stand Number: 4K103