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SmartDrive Systems Ltd

Waste and recycling fleet vehicles have unique configurations, frequently operate in congested and hazardous environments and face significant risk tied to collisions, personal injury and property damage. Managing these risks is critical to ensuring the safety of employees and the general public, reducing costs and improving operational efficiency.

The SmartDriveĀ® video-based safety programme uncovers and helps you eliminate the risks unique to your fleet operating profile. With an open video analytics platform that enables triggering from multiple cameras, you get maximum insight to risk on the road and at the worksite or point of delivery.

With SmartDrive in your fleet, you will:

- Improve safety by reducing collisions and enforcing your safety policies and regulation compliance.
- Reduce speeding, distracted driving, and fatigue while improving seatbelt compliance.
- Save time and pinpoint key areas for driver coaching through expert review of triggered video events, allowing you to mitigate risk without slowing down your business.
- Never miss a collision or incident with 360 degrees extended recording and manual triggering options.
- Exonerate not-at-fault drivers and protect yourself against fraudulent claims.

From accident reduction and exonerations to reduced maintenance and insurance costs, the SmartDrive video-based safety programme is delivering results for many major truck and van fleets in Europe.

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