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R.C.P Systems

Of more than 1'000 Macpresse installations worldwide, R.C.P Systems have supplied more than 100, of which, 70 are in the UK, 20 in Switzerland and 6 in Serbia.
The biggest waste sorting plant that we have supplied to date handles a volume of 275'000 tonnes per year and is located in Sochi, Russia.
Our fully automated, channel-press balers are continually developed and updated in accordance with the highest safety standards. MACPRESSE uses solely high-quality parts for its balers.Their hydraulic and electronic systems consist of proprietary brand components manufactured by Denison, Rexroth and Siemens, for example. Our fully automated channel balers,robust in their design deliver long-lasting and economical operation.
For a fixed annual premium, our 5-year preventative maintenance package can enable your business care-free operation with the benefit of all servicing, call outs to breakdowns and spare parts included.

Tel: +44 (0)7808365866

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