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Metso Waste Recycling

Metso Waste Recycling specializes in the design and manufacture of shredding equipment to effectively and reliably reduce the size of all material. Through more than 800 installations worldwide and continued focus on R&D, Metso Waste Recycling is one
of the world`s leading suppliers of shredders for the recycling industry. Our position also
stems from our customer focus. We endeavor to supply you and your business with
the best shredder solution; we always do our best to understand your current situa-
tion, and your future needs.
Our customers include companies that work with hazardous waste, waste-to-energy, recycling, landfills, cement production and composting.
All Metso shredders share certain common features, including exceptionally robust construction. We use components from internationally recognized suppliers, to ensure maximum performance and durability.

Tel: 0 7341 885 553

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