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Meiko UK

Meiko`s new WasteStar CC food waste handling system embodies a philosophy of `food waste recycling` rather than food waste disposal.

WasteStar CC is an easily installed compact system for collecting, processing and storing food waste that meets all the objectives of sustainability required by caterers.

WasteStar CC can be freestanding, incorporated at the loading end of large dishwashing machines, or it can be integrated as part of a specialist stainless steel fabrication specification.

The inlets chop the deposited organic food waste into small particles and then transfer these particles to a remote holding tank via a plastic pipe system.

When required, the semi-liquid food waste is collected by the customer`s waste contractor for transfer to a Biogas plant to be used for renewable energy purposes, or for converting to a fertilizing product.

Benefits to the operator include greatly reduced handling within the food preparation areas, minimal impact on the environment and a reduction in food waste volume resulting in less frequent food waste collection.

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