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11 & 12 SEPT


JMC Recycling Systems Ltd

Rotobec grabs will feature on metal recycling equipment manufacturer JMC Recycling Ltd's stand at RWM this year. JMC manufactures the McIntyre brand of alligator shears, balers, engine crackers, casting machines and cable strippers. However it also sells equipment from leading manufacturers worldwide. One of these is Rotobec of Canada, a producer of grabs and grapples. The company joined forces with JMC only three years ago and now has over 150 grabs operating successfully in the UK. Rotobec grabs and attachments are rugged and reliable requiring much less maintenance than other grabs on the market making them extremely cost-effective and the preferred choice of many waste and other industrial operations. See one on the JMC stand and make the comparison against your current equipment. Rotobec also manufactures stationary loaders - another cost saving idea - and JMC will have details of these and the diverse range of other machinery it has on offer including cable granulation systems, car balers, shredders and shear balers.

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