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International Fire Consultants (IFC Group)

IFC Group are working closely with WISH, Insurers, Environment Agency, specialist detection and suppression companies to provide practical, cost-effective designs and specification for fire prevention and protection of waste handling sites.

IFC Group are already advising leading companies in Waste management across the UK and Europe on risk identification and management using knowledge and experience gained form a good understanding of waste fires and their suppression.

IFC Group Fire Prevention Plans (FPP) are accepted by Insurers and the EA as they seek to minimise and mitigate the risks - providing practical strategies and methods of handling, storing and processing the waste products.

Expertise and experience in fire in: Black-Bag waste, RDF, Wood, Rubber, Plastics, Metals.

Please call and ask to speak to our Waste Management specialists if you have any questions on how we can help reduce your risk and provide acceptable fire prevention strategies and detailed advice - 01844 275500

Tel: 018 442 75500

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