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Manufacturer and repairer of Electromagnetic Drum Magnets and Circular Magnets .
Here at E.P.M.S. we have over thirty five years experience within our dedicated team, repairing all types and sizes of rotary drum magnets for many of the major U.K. shredder and recycling companies along with the ability to operate on site as well as manufacturing spare components at our own works in Birmingham. As a result of all our experience we also offer a full range of electromagnetic rotary drum magnets of our own design. Sizes range from 1200 mm wide to 2800 mm wide with diameters to suit our customers through put requirements.E.P.M.S. 2010 Offer a range of new manufactured circular magnets known as the EM range. We specify circular magnet from 36 inches in diameter to 65 inch's diameter. Power ranges are form 5 KW to 20 KW.EPMS 2010. offer Eddy Current Separator repair in our workshop fully inspected and cleaned and balanced. Bearings and glass skin replaced.

Tel: 0121 3731077

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