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ElectroRoute Energy Limitied

ElectroRoute is a dynamic energy trading and supply services company. We trade energy, offer supply services and provide market access across 9 European markets from our 24/7 trading desk. We have a growing portfolio of over 1GW of conventional and renewable assets under management.

In 2016 we became part of the Mitsubishi family, who have brought with them a wealth of innovation and global energy experience, which is seeing us enhance and grow our service offerings.

Together we are working with our customers to deliver value in electricity supply from the generator to the consumer`s meter. Whether it`s supply contracts, battery storage, corporate PPAs, imbalance management or live trading services we can tailor a solution to help you control your energy costs more effectively.
If you`re a large-scale user, generator or an energy consultant, stop by and see how we can help you do more.

Tel: 0044 (0) 1 926 679 704

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