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Eco WMT Group Limited

Digest FOG, hydrocarbons, waste and effluent using non pathogenic bacteria. London is the fatberg capital of the world, but Newcastle Upon Tyne does not have fatbergs. Why? Northumbrian Water use Eco Tabs to digest FOG, which is the 'cement' that holds wetwipes, sanitary products etc together to form a glutenous mass.

Any manufacturer that produces waste water can now use Eco Tabs to digest the waste in situ, therefore eliminating tankers, jetting, enzymes, chemicals, acids etc. This will help reduce carbon footprint, improve CSR and exceed ISI14001 demands. Savings of 40% to 50% are typical.

Eco Tabs also oxygenate waste water with oxygenation agents built it. No need for aeration. Used by water companies, food & beverage manufacturers, zoos, local authorities, restaurant groups and other environmentally intelligent managers. 100% environmentally friendly and 100% safe for all life forms.

Tel: 07768 147 408

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