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East Midlands Business Link

East Midlands Business Link Magazine is produced the first week of the month providing monthly news round up from across the region, interviews and comment from the east Midlands' business leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners and professional advisors.

It is supplemented by an online news site which is updated each day as the news breaks.

Featuring business issues, development of the regions landscape, cityscape and infrastructure, success stories of growing businesses and sectors. Raising questions that todays growing businesses are looking for answers to.

The most up-to-date analysis of subscribers to East Midlands Business Link allows us an accurate picture of our readers. The responsibility for purchasing decisions lies in the hands of different people in each organisation.

East Midlands Business Link reaches many levels of decision makers and the newsite and magazine is often recommended by its readers to other department heads as `required reading`

Tel: 07595155000

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