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Dagger Diving Services Ltd

Dagger Diving Services provides bespoke inspection, repair and maintenance services to the renewables industry and civil engineering projects.
We have the ability to carry out diving works covering a wide range of services, covering the renewable energy industry, flood defence projects and civil engineering.
For example, we have the expertise required to dive in zero visibility conditions, ideal for carrying out works within AD digesters or digestate stores. If you have an engineering emergency, time and money can be saved using our services rather than having to empty large vessels to retrieve or replace parts. We can also offer inspections and routine maintenance in these traditionally hostile working environments.
If you have flood defence or civil engineering works, we can carry out dredging, scour protection, concreting, shuttering, bridge repairs and inspection, grouting, fender replacement, water containment, sluice gate maintenance, gabion basket works, pipeline installation, recovering sunken objects, timber and steel pile cutting.

Tel: 01765 356966

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