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Çeksan, founded in 1989 as private limited Company in İzmir, is acting with the vision of being leader manufacturer of road sweeping machine manufacturer of the world with a successful history.

Thanks to widespread sales network in the country, our company is serving to mass housing units, municipalities, heavy industrial facilities, military units, organized industrial zones, touristic facilities, universities, private sector and to all corporations with environment awareness with vacuum street sweeper machines over the vehicle and driven type mechanical road sweeping machines.

Our company has succeeded to become a highly demanded brand in road sweeping vehicles and equipments by continuing its export worldwide to more than 50 countries in 6 continents thanks to distributors, foreign representatives and foreign trade and marketing team available within own organization.

Çeksan is looking forward continuously for innovations in order to develop its vision further with higher performance of the machines, durability and timely technical support.

Tel: +902323281166

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