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CCm Technologies Ltd.

The core (exothermic) process transforms captured CO2 into stable materials.

CCm Technologies is an environmental technology company based near Oxford, UK.

CCm's technology is now at commercial scale transforming captured CO2 and other waste streams into stable value-added materials with multiple uses across global priority sectors of food/agriculture, advanced materials & energy storage. The heavily patented process is based on high primary capture efficiencies from novel cellulose/amine capture material which retains 95% of flue sourced CO2. The process's output (fertiliser) has a very low carbon footprint compared to current conventional methods (-85% less) and is generates mid- to high-teen financial returns on a standalone basis without relying on government subsidies. Additional materials: bio-based composite fillers to replace the need for virgin polymers in the production of plastics (30%). Previously known as CCm Research.

Tel: +44 (0)1865309605

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