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BIOGREEN Continuous Pyrolysis Technology:
This is a fast growing business unit of the ETIA Group:

With Biogreen technology many applications are possible:
- torrefaction for wood,
- medium temperature pyrolysis for
- carbon,
- biochar and liquid.
- High temperature pyrolysis
- for production of maximum gas for applications like
- power production,
- replacement natural gas by syngas,
- production hydrogen.
The pyrolysis technology is proven technology since 15 years.
Installations are running at many countries all over the world.

The technology is unique because of its patented direct heating: there is no filter between heat source and feedstock. System is completely electrically controlled, so precise regulation, total control of process, repeatable and defined input/output.High efficiency and high effectiveness.

For wood to power we have complete system COGEGRID:

This is a complete system for turning wood via gasification into heat and power.

Tel: +31620606378

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