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AlphaGen Renewables Limited

Teasing out the last Joule of energy from smaller landfills is the specialism of Alphagen Renewables, providing a complete LFG utilisation package at no cost to the landfill owner. Alphagen has a successful track record of projects considered uneconomic by larger established contractors. Alphagen has helped landfill owners offset the costs of landfill aftercare whilst improving carbon footprint and their contribution to a circular economy. Alphagen's specialist expertise can assess the resource potential and work to remediate a tired system to be productive for a sensibly sized production scheme, whether there was previous power production on site or not. Optimisation of the capacity of the site electrical connection can also provide a substantial boost to the project economics. So, if you have small, old or closed landfills, a need for gas management and some help with cost reduction, call in to see them on stand 5N111. Don't forget that if you have a site with ROCs accreditation, it is important that you act NOW before the value is lost in 2027! Visit our web-site and see what our clients think about us!

Tel: 0800 8303660

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